Friday, 28 June 2013

Summer Staple

Dear Readers,

I know this post is long overdue as I have not kept to my 'every Wednesday' rule, where I always post a new feature weekly; so for any of you organised readers out there I am very, very sorry! But, as I always like to think, 'its better late than never'! Anyways, onto the important stuff now... So, I thought I would talk to you all about my new style LOVE of the week, or even the month! It has to be high-waisted pastel jeans. Many of you trendy people out there may be cursing me right now, saying how this is such a simple and staple item that everybody already has; however, for those of you who don't own a pair, I am going to convert you and you will buy them (I hope)!

I first came across my favourite pair in Topshop (of course!), as I always find that their jeans fit really nicely and comfortably on my rather short legs.. My favourite pair out of the Topshop collection has to be the 'Moto Pale Pink Joni Jeans'. These jeans are extremely flattering for those of you with enviably small waists, however, for those with larger hips (like me urhh) these are uber concealing and are very good at tricking the eye. Not only do they sit at the perfect area on your body, but they also provide an optical illusion by elongating your legs. The pale pink colour is just perfect for summer, and is a little more fun than the bog-standard pair of white jeans. In an ideal world I would co-ordinate these with a little cropped crotchet vest, possibly white, or even combine it with a loose fitting and dark shirt; as this will really complement the tightness and subtle colour of the jeans, as well as making your legs look lovely and slim.
At £36 I think this pair, and others like it, are a bargain and a must-have for summer! So, if you are also living in England and are getting bored of still trudging round in your black jeans and a hoodie, just hoping for the sun to come out, how about a compromise with these jeans?!

I hope I have persuaded you all to grab yourselves a pair! I have left the link below to the main website. Please leave me a comment below to let me know what you think + whether you have been persuaded!

Have a lovely weekend, dear readers.

Lots of love,
Kiki Boho xxx

PS. A brief little note... In the very near future I am planning to upload my own 'Outfit of the Day' with pictures etc and I would like to know whether this is something you would all like to see/read about?! Let me know, by leaving a comment, if you would!

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