Thursday, 3 October 2013

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

Dear Readers,

I know I am very late to jump on the band-wagon for this product, but since I got it in August I have been dying to write a review to tell you guys what I think! There was recently a 3 for 2 offer in Boots on all Maybelline products, so I felt I needed to use the opportunity to stock up on some more products, so after repurchasing them I thought it would be necessary to let you guys know what I think about Baby Lips.

I was immediately drawn to the products for its really funky and bright packaging (extremely aesthetically pleasing!) My other reasons for purchasing it was its promise of 8hour moisturisation and its SPF 20. I ended up purchasing three of them including: Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Hydrate. 
So far my favourite has to be the Hydrate lip balm. I love it because its got a nice sweet smell (which is not too  overpowering) and applies evenly to the lips. Although I do have to re-apply it every hour or so, meaning it doesn't feel like my lips are kept completely moisturised for a whole 8hours, my lips have felt a lot softer and healthier since using it. So I would definitely recommend this one in particular!
After trying Pink Punch I absolutely adored the scent which was quite fruity and sweet, however, the pigmentation was a little strong for a daily lip-balm and I felt that it didn't apply very evenly, meaning I had to sit infront of the mirror and watch closely when applying it. The next and final product was the Cherry Me. This also had a nice scent, very similar to Carmex. I thought it provided a subtle tint which was perfect for an everyday lip balm. However, just like the others I felt it needed to be re-applied rather a lot.

Overall, my favourite had to be the Hydrate lipbalm; and I can pretty much secure this view seeing as I've already gone through two tubes! 
I hope this has helped any of you who are considering buying Baby Lips. At £2.99 I think they're a really good price for a perfect daily lipbalm! Leave me a comment below to let me know whether you've also tried Baby Lips- and if so which flavours?! And what did you think about them?

Have a lovely weekend all you lovely readers.
Kiki Boho xxx

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Beauty product review: maXfactor 'glossfinity' nail-varnish

Dear Readers,

Today I thought I would kick off with my first (of many!) beauty product reviews. Being 17 and at school, it'll be no surprise to you that I'm a hoarder of all things beauty-wise, including makeup, brushes, skin care products and many many more. Today I thought I'd start with the new collection of MaXfactor Glossfinity nail-varnish collection. 
The two colours I chose are perfect for an autumnal feel, my favourite being in the colour 'candy rose' (50) and the other being 'ruby fruit' (185).

I would describe the former colour as a dark rosy pink (with a hint of burgundy). The consistency wasn't too thin, like I expected it to be, and although I did have to apply about 3 coats, in the end they turned out well. The 'glossy' aspect was true to it's word, however, unsurprisingly this did dull after a few days of wear. 
I really love the packaging. It's simple, smart and clean-cut as well as having a nice long black top to make it stand out.

Overall I was really satisfied with my purchase, however, I wouldn't fully rely on the promised glossy aspect and so I would recommend also applying a glossy coat on top.

I hope you all are have a fabulous week and let me know (in the comments below) whether you have tried these MaXfactor products- and if so, what colours did you try and what were your views? I'd love to hear what you think!

Ta for now.
Kiki Boho xxx

Sunday, 22 September 2013

An end to LFW and a new start for Kiki Boho...

Dear Readers,

Summer has gone by like a flash and has caused me to, regrettably, be extremely neglectful of my blog. So to any of you lovely readers who are out there, I am sorry for this long delay. 
What I have been dying to tell you all are my current favourites for this Autumn/Winter and seeing as LFW has just been I thought this blog would be a nice finishing touch to the most Fashionable and elite week of the year. 
As you all know, now is the time to be finding that perrrrfect winter coat. For me, this has become rather a burdon, after scouring endlessly through my favourite highstreet stores, including ASOS, Topshop, Zara and Urban Outfitters; and occasionally lusting after the long adorned (but far out of my price range) designer coats. What I was initially looking for (and still am) is a pastel, dusty pink mid-cut coat, with a notch neck design. Pink is the ultimate trend this season and adds a lovely girly touch to the cold and dark season ahead. However, as is always the case, I haven't found the 'one' quite yet; so for now I thought I would show you a selection of what I think could look very chic.
The first one, from Zara, is just right to smarten any outfit. I love the fact that it doesn't have any fastening or buttons, meaning it can just hang on the shoulders and doesn't completely shade the outfit underneath. The detail around the shoulders distinguishes this coat from a 'coatigan' and makes it look more tailored, which also convinces one of its higher price. Paired with some black heeled boots, a mini skirt and an angora fluffy jumper, this coat is just the ticket. 

'Coat with gathering on the shoulder'- Zara

Another favourite of mine is one I spotted at LFW, and which has inspired my idea of the 'dream' coat. 
This dusty pink coat is my absolute dream! I love the way the woman rolled up the sleeves to give the large coat a casual feel and also how she's encorporated the monochrome trend into something bright and fresh to welcome the autumn weather. Styled with the black/dark blue patterned dress along with a grey sweater, this is just the right 'inbetween' outfit for the rather bipolar weather the UK is having!
(I couldn't actually replicate this image- but it is in the link below!)

Until next time, my lovely readers.
Lots of love,
Kiki Boho xxx

Friday, 28 June 2013

Summer Staple

Dear Readers,

I know this post is long overdue as I have not kept to my 'every Wednesday' rule, where I always post a new feature weekly; so for any of you organised readers out there I am very, very sorry! But, as I always like to think, 'its better late than never'! Anyways, onto the important stuff now... So, I thought I would talk to you all about my new style LOVE of the week, or even the month! It has to be high-waisted pastel jeans. Many of you trendy people out there may be cursing me right now, saying how this is such a simple and staple item that everybody already has; however, for those of you who don't own a pair, I am going to convert you and you will buy them (I hope)!

I first came across my favourite pair in Topshop (of course!), as I always find that their jeans fit really nicely and comfortably on my rather short legs.. My favourite pair out of the Topshop collection has to be the 'Moto Pale Pink Joni Jeans'. These jeans are extremely flattering for those of you with enviably small waists, however, for those with larger hips (like me urhh) these are uber concealing and are very good at tricking the eye. Not only do they sit at the perfect area on your body, but they also provide an optical illusion by elongating your legs. The pale pink colour is just perfect for summer, and is a little more fun than the bog-standard pair of white jeans. In an ideal world I would co-ordinate these with a little cropped crotchet vest, possibly white, or even combine it with a loose fitting and dark shirt; as this will really complement the tightness and subtle colour of the jeans, as well as making your legs look lovely and slim.
At £36 I think this pair, and others like it, are a bargain and a must-have for summer! So, if you are also living in England and are getting bored of still trudging round in your black jeans and a hoodie, just hoping for the sun to come out, how about a compromise with these jeans?!

I hope I have persuaded you all to grab yourselves a pair! I have left the link below to the main website. Please leave me a comment below to let me know what you think + whether you have been persuaded!

Have a lovely weekend, dear readers.

Lots of love,
Kiki Boho xxx

PS. A brief little note... In the very near future I am planning to upload my own 'Outfit of the Day' with pictures etc and I would like to know whether this is something you would all like to see/read about?! Let me know, by leaving a comment, if you would!

Topshop website:

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Daily Skin Care Regime

Dear Readers,

Today I thought I'd rave to you all about my beauty regime, which, I honestly (hand on heart), will stick to forever. I'm constantly trialling and testing out new products on my skin, but I've truly found the answer to clear and soft skin!
Ok, so firstly I start my cleansing my skin and removing any make-up etc. For this I use 'Bioderma'. Now, I'm ashamed to admit that I am EXTREMELY late to jump on the band-wagon for this product, however, now I've found it I will be using it for a long time to come. Bioderma is so effective as it has the consistency of water, yet it removes everything with one wipe with a cotton-wool pad. Next, I use the 'Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer'. This is so quick to use and it has a little nozzle so you can simply spray it all over your face and neck. I love this product because it's just so refreshing and has such a pure scent consisting of rose-scented geranium, cucumber and calendula; not to mention that it is just perfect to take abroad for hot countries! 
Last, but certainly not least, is my 'La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo', which I have to admit is my favourite beauty item of all time. This cream acts as a moisturiser as well as a spot-treatment. The consistency is quite thin and dries very fast, so it acts as a great make-up base. I use this every morning and night and apply it to my T-zone, or any places on my face that look like a horrible zit is going to soon emerge. 

Although this last product is not part of my daily regime, I do use it occasionally (usually once or twice a week), especially if I've had a particurly busy and tiring day, and I really feel in the mood for treating myself! The product I use is the 'Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask' by Elemis. When applied the cream itself is quite thin in consistency, but dries rather quickly on the skin to form a clay-coloured mask. My favourite thing about this mask is the light scent of strawberry and kiwi fruit, which almost makes me want to eat it! (But please don't do this!) This mask has fantastic results, and I really noticed them after about three weeks of using the product. After this time my skin felt a lot smoother and looked more glowy and dewy; so I would definitely recommend it. When I use this I cleanse my face before hand, with the bioderma, and then apply the mask to my dry face and leave for about 10-15 mins; after which I wash off with warm water and carry on with my normal daily skin regime.

I hope you all try all or at least one of these products and gain the benefits I have from them! Let me know what a difference these products have made to your skin and  please leave me comments below! Also, please let me know if there are any products you think I should try in my skin-care regime, or any products you would like to me to review, I am completely open to suggestions! I have left the links for the products below. Enjoy!

Until next week, my lovely readers. 
Happy Summer!

Lots of love,

Kiki Boho xxx


Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer: (This is the regular bottle, as they didn't have the spritzer on the website)

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo:

Elemis Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask:

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Music love of the week: 5SOS

Dear Readers,

This is just a brief post to fill you all in on my recent music crush, '5 Seconds of Summer' or, '5SOS'. Hopefully many of you will have already been  introduced to this Australian band, but just in case you haven't I thought I'd fill you all in! 5SOS began as a trio where they did covers of songs and posted them on YouTube, however, since gaining their fourth member, the (very cute) drummer Ashton, they have taken the internet by storm and were even hand-picked by the famous One Direction and are currently on tour with the  5 1D lads. So, in case any of you are having that 'bluesy' week or you simply need a quick pick me-up I have left links below to some of my favourite songs and covers by 5SOS. 
Hopefully you will love them as much as I do...

Anyway, until next time.

Lots of love,

Kiki Boho xxx

Heartbreak Girl:

Try Hard:

Cover of 'We Are Young':

Minkpink crush

Dear Readers,

I thought I'd share with you all today my recent purchases from my new love, 'minkpink'. To give you all a brief history 'minkpink' initially began in 2005 where they took Australia by storm; since then they have become international on the fashion scene and have even been taken up by one of the most prestigious online fashion stores, 'asos'. When scrolling through asos, for my daily dose of fashion and for a cheeky bit of online shopping, I came across minkpink for the first time. I am, admittedly, a very much 'dress' girl, in that I fall weak at the knees when I come across a pretty, summery dress; so when I stumbled across this 'Helping Hand' smock dress from the brand minkpink I just had to purchase it! At £55 I was quite cautious as to whether I REALLY needed another dress, but after its' arrival, I was definitely satisfied. The picture below just does not give this dress enough credit. The cut-out shoulders are completely on trend at the moment and give this dress its 'summery vibe'. The soft pleats in the skirt of the dress really help to complement the waist as well as give the dress that cutesy girly edge. On top of this, the electric blue colour gives just the pop of colour an outfit needs for summer to brighten these gloomy England days!

The printed hands on the dress resembling the Buddha hand just give this cute dress its vintage twist, which the brand minkpink is famous for. 

I would urge you all to get on that minkpink website straight away and drool over their vintage, chic and distinctive dresses. I have left links below for the dress I purchased, as well as the main minkpink website. 

Please leave me a comment below if you have any suggestions for blog posts and please follow me for a weekly dose of fashion revelations, reviews and general 'pick me-ups'!

See you all very soon.

Lots of love,

Kiki Boho xxx


Helping Hand Smock Dress:
Minkpink official website: