Sunday, 22 September 2013

An end to LFW and a new start for Kiki Boho...

Dear Readers,

Summer has gone by like a flash and has caused me to, regrettably, be extremely neglectful of my blog. So to any of you lovely readers who are out there, I am sorry for this long delay. 
What I have been dying to tell you all are my current favourites for this Autumn/Winter and seeing as LFW has just been I thought this blog would be a nice finishing touch to the most Fashionable and elite week of the year. 
As you all know, now is the time to be finding that perrrrfect winter coat. For me, this has become rather a burdon, after scouring endlessly through my favourite highstreet stores, including ASOS, Topshop, Zara and Urban Outfitters; and occasionally lusting after the long adorned (but far out of my price range) designer coats. What I was initially looking for (and still am) is a pastel, dusty pink mid-cut coat, with a notch neck design. Pink is the ultimate trend this season and adds a lovely girly touch to the cold and dark season ahead. However, as is always the case, I haven't found the 'one' quite yet; so for now I thought I would show you a selection of what I think could look very chic.
The first one, from Zara, is just right to smarten any outfit. I love the fact that it doesn't have any fastening or buttons, meaning it can just hang on the shoulders and doesn't completely shade the outfit underneath. The detail around the shoulders distinguishes this coat from a 'coatigan' and makes it look more tailored, which also convinces one of its higher price. Paired with some black heeled boots, a mini skirt and an angora fluffy jumper, this coat is just the ticket. 

'Coat with gathering on the shoulder'- Zara

Another favourite of mine is one I spotted at LFW, and which has inspired my idea of the 'dream' coat. 
This dusty pink coat is my absolute dream! I love the way the woman rolled up the sleeves to give the large coat a casual feel and also how she's encorporated the monochrome trend into something bright and fresh to welcome the autumn weather. Styled with the black/dark blue patterned dress along with a grey sweater, this is just the right 'inbetween' outfit for the rather bipolar weather the UK is having!
(I couldn't actually replicate this image- but it is in the link below!)

Until next time, my lovely readers.
Lots of love,
Kiki Boho xxx

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