Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Summer 'pop' colour jackets

Dear Readers,

Although Summer is already upon us, for those living in England it is not quite the 'summer' and 'sun' that other places have. So all you fellow citizens of the UK will know exactly how I feel when I say it is still necessary for the occasional jumper or jacket (or even both), despite the season. Although many would think its' ever so slightly strange to be wrapped up in a jacket in summer, hopefully you will be converted when I give you a taster of these trending colour 'pop' jackets (as I like to call them!) 
I am a confessed Topshop-aholic and when I came across their new range of 'Notch Neck' Jackets with  their beautiful cut around the neck and their eye-catching colour, I just had to have one. My favourite, out of all of the Topshop collection is the rather daring 'Fluro Pink' colour. What I loved the most about this jacket after my purchase of it, was the fantastic tailoring. For £55 I found this rather a bargain as not only have I worn it with high waisted black skinny jeans, in order to smarten up a night-time outfit, but I've also worn it with a floaty white chiffon dress as a day outfit. The cut around the neck was very flattering and really helps to define your face and jaw. Not only this, but the jacket was very light in weight meaning that it did not feel like I was layering upon layers, but it just added quite a nice touch and also a little 'pop' of colour to brighten the outfit! 

However, I've realised many of you may not feel quite so brave on an average weekday to wear such a bright colour, and so I've found another favourite (again from my beloved Topshop) for the summer season. This jacket has a very different cut from the previous, in that it has less definition around the face and neck, but rather hangs a bit more loosely. But I simply fell in love with the embellishment and the beautiful beading patterns. Also, this 'Cropped Beaded' jacket means it has a good length for emphasising the waist and also for those high-waisted skirts, trousers and shorts that many of you, I am sure, love to wear. However, for £95 it is quite a leap up in price from the previous jacket, but, did I mention that it co-ords with matching shorts? This whole ensemble is just perfect for summer and is bang on trend at the moment. Styled with a cute collared white shirt and cut-out black boots, this is just the ticket!

Hopefully I've persuaded you all to brave a summer 'pop' jacket this season and possibly a matching ensemble?! If I have, please leave me a comment below to let me know what you thought! Also, if any of you have any suggestions or requests for a next blog post please let me know as I love to be inspired!

see you next time.

Happy Summer shopping!

Lots of love, 

Kiki Boho xxx
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  1. Absolutely love the first one! So cute!! Might have to invest... :D

    1. Glad you love it! Definitely invest in it- it's well worth it! A new post will be up shortly! Love, Kiki Boho xxx